Maytag Bravos Dryer Clicks But Wont Start

Maytag Bravos Dryer Clicks But Wont Start. However, before you can do anything about this problem, you need to verify that it is faulty by checking for continuity with a multimeter. Use a multimeter to test the start switch for continuity.

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If your maytag dryer won’t start, with no noise or light generated after you press the ‘start’ button, the mechanism for this button is probably faulty. As a safety precaution, a dryer won’t start if the door isn’t completely shut and latched. These clips are located in the crease between the top and front panel.

If Your Maytag Dryer Won’t Turn On, Check The Door For Any Loose Parts Like Hinges Or A Broken Latch.

If i leave the power on to my model med850wro maytag bravos dryer, i get an error code f 01. This video shows you how to test the start button on a maytag dryer. I push the start button and nothing happens last edited by a moderator:

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Even If You Don’t Suspect Overheating, A Blown Thermal Fuse Warrants A.

When i press the start button, i just hear a relay or something making a clicking sound coming from inside the right side of the control panel. If you don’t find continuity, you need a new door switch. You can test the breaker by turning the breaker off and then back on.

It Can Not Be Reset.

You would want to test this part if you have a dryer that will not tumble when you pres. To access the start relay in the console, remove the screws on the back of the end caps of the console and you can then lift it off of the top panel (with the dryer still. If the thermal fuse is okay, you could have a bad start relay even though it is clicking.

Once The Thermal Fuse Has Blown, It Has To Be Replaced.

Gas dryers only use 1 fuse or circuit breaker, but the same information applies. Use a multimeter to test the start switch for continuity. In both cases, the fuse can’t be repaired and must be replaced.

To Do This, Open The Door And There Are 2 Hidden Clips Between The Top Panel And The Front Panel.

Use a putty knife and push on the two hidden metal spring clips that hold the top panel to the front panel. The start switch is on the dryer control panel. Make sure both fuses are intact and tight, or that either circuit breaker has not tripped.

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