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The Studio Where Masterful Stained Glass is Produced


  In the heart of Piemonte, Italy, master artisan Pierangelo Tosi is known by many for his custom creations of stained glass windows and other delightful adornments for homes, businesses, and churches. One such project was the creation of flower windows that seemed to grow right through the glass as they visually blended with real gardens outdoors. 

Another such project was the stained glass window of a Saintly Woman built into the window frame of a local church. In his studio one finds custom designs based on books and literature, or even Italian themes such as the alps, flowers, and birds.

The stained glass above was Pierangelo Tosi's and Anna Bassi's first work from an American pattern, a glass design of a golden-haired woman gently reaches for the stars. She is surrounded by waves reminiscent of both water, a life symbol, and the mountains representing great, pleasurable heights. Such flowing lines are to be found in most of Pierangelo Tosi's art works in glass. 

Creations by Pierangelo Tosi are truly candy for the eyes! Twenty-three years in the making thus far!

 A published article about the Tosi Family and their work to restructure the Oratorio of the Church in Maggiate, Italy (1991):

It is not easy to determine what Pierangelo Tosi loves most, living in the mountains in Piemonte, Italy, or making brilliant stained glass through which heavenly light passes to brighten the days of its viewers. It was Tosi who coined the name GAEL Glass to represent Glass Art Enjoying Literature. Not only is Tosi an admirer of glass and light, but he is also a well-read intellectual who utilizes both the written word and glass art as two interconnected forms of communication. 

Pierangelo Tosi first began studying stained glass with his sister-in-law who had taken a course in Tuscany. The two proceeded to design and produce lovely stained glass flowers for their family's home in Piemonte. Much of his precision was an outgrowth of his own natural creativity combined with experience as an electronic engineer.  His love for the Alps naturally influenced the organic forms that were wonderfully overwhelming in his designs. Each of Pierangelo Tosi's stained glass designs is a true work of art with original design from GAEL Glass.

In his free time, Pierangelo Tosi enjoys reading the literature that inspires the glass works, with books like "The Little Flowers of Saint Francis" and more. He generously teaches his nephews how to read and speak English with great American short stories.

Translation of the Article at the Left: The Oratory of the Castello, Thanks to the Brothers Tosi

Good people of Castellani of Maggiate Superior worked during these past years to restructure their Church, the Oratory on the roof and the walls with works of masonry, of painting, and of carpentry, etc.

It also took the touch of an artist who gave prominence to the central facade. It is the artist, or better still, the entire family of connoisseurs, the Tosi family including Pierangelo Tosi, the brother Giuliano and his Signora, Anna Bassi, who have completed the work by setting a beautiful oval glass in the window of the facade, bearing the figure of the Patron Saint of the Church, Santa Maria Maddalena, with the "Tiffany" method, and that is the attachment with tin of three types of glass: opalesent, blown, and cathedral glasses. A binding with lead with a rectangular form seals the subject.

The work contains the symbolic transformation that the Saint experienced after her meeting with Jesus when she was directed by the Divine Master to have new values.

Praise and an applaud to the Castellani who honor their little Church in many ways! Thanks and appreciation to Anna and the Tosi brothers.

 Glass Art Enjoying Literature