Understanding and Simplifying Photography

When taking a photography class, there are four main things to keep in mind. Light will change how a photo looks when presented. The speed of a camera shutter determines the quality of a photo taken. Distance between the photographer and the object determines how good or bad a photo looks. Color plays an important role, with technology in play, you can decide which color a picture will have. Photographs have an important role to play, when writing articles, journals and even books. They have been proven to increase emotion during reading of a book as well as give a better understanding of what is happening in a book.

The most important item in photography

The most important item in photography is a camera, it captures an image saves it then produces a picture. Photos are a way of keeping memories of special moments as well as ordinary life moments. When the first camera was invented it took a long time to capture an image but with improvements image capturing has become faster and easier. Touchscreen phones make taking a photo or even video editing easy because of these applications anyone can take a picture as well as to record a video. Easy access to cameras on phones as well as editing apps has not reduced the need for professional photographers. Event planning, modelling as well as the entertainment industry serve as the best examples that still use a skilled cameraman.

Understanding and Simplifying Photography

The uses of cameras have expanded from just taking photos to recording videos, some of which are used to create movies. Television has most uses for videos which are turned into movies. Special effects seen on screen are done with creativity as well as technology. Another industry that has developed due to photography is the creation of video blogs. These are videos taken by individuals that document parts of their life that they want to share with the world. Social media sites have unlocked massive power that almost everyone on the planet is using.

Businesses are also using social media to advertise just by posting a picture or a video of their product or service. The main advantage of social media is that it is free as well as easily accessible from anywhere. One disadvantage is the paparazzi, these are photojournalists who document celebrities without their permission. They sell these pictures to websites, magazines as well as other publications. Other places such as galleries have introduced pictures as work of art along paintings.

This gives a photographer recognition as well as a bigger audience for their work. Recognition leads to competitions as well as awards for good work or even their impact on society as well as the message they send. Applications such as YouTube, Instagram as well as Pinter est use pictures and videos to communicate or even advertise. Most of the pictures and videos in these sites are taken with phone cameras. Phones are used because they are easy to carry around than a camera, some phones have the same statistics as a camera. Photos should be considered pieces of art because they entertain those in the pictures as well those who see them.