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Alpine Love Catcher

Designed and Copyrighted by Pierangelo Tosi * New Poems Below by Laura G. Sweeney

Words by Laura Sweeney


The Alpine Love Catcher represents purity of love that abounds any time one encounters nature along a mountain trail. One cannot help but feel pangs of passion when traveling into the Alpine wilderness and encountering bright sunlight. As the light of the sun sparkles over the peaks, one senses magic inherent in this experience shared by generations of travelers. Such love is innate in the heart of the creative explorer. The Beloved Alps remain forever one with the traveler. Delightful rays of sunlight pass through the colored stained glass into the pilgrim's vision as a reminder of that most eternal experience!

I can't think of a better way to honor a Beloved person than with the Alpine Love Catcher, a tribute to love, light, beauty, and nature! The craftsman, Pierangelo Tosi, has successfully captured the essence of the experience in simplicity of shape and form!

Enjoy some fine music along with

 images of the Alpine Love Catcher!

Original Drawing by Pierangelo Tosi

Copyright 2014 

 I Will Always Love You Instrumental

by Richard Clayderman

 Enjoy a little love today and forever!


by Laura G. Sweeney

Two circles enjoin

Two stars burst forth joyously

Waves glide to unite

light bursting through them

Red glows from the heartfelt core

Love forevermore.

The Alpine Pinwheel Sun Catcher, the Alpine Love Catcher, and the Alpine Edelweiss Sun Catcher, all by Italian artisan, Pierangelo Tosi. 2014. 


 The Alpine Love Catcher has been custom crafted for the love of your life! 

Alpine Love Catchers will always remind the world of your true love!


 Have faith that you will arrive at the highest peaks!

Enjoy the excitement of the Alps!  

 Alpine Love Catcher Sonnet

by Laura G. Sweeney

Alpine Love Catchers convey Joy of Light

They bring great color into quiet lives

And fill the lovers' hearts with pure delight!

From the Piemonte where culture thrives,

Each Alpine Love Catcher is made with care

For it will travel far and everywhere

And its maker's pride and heart will be there

Shining bright light that so brilliantly glares.

There's something purely magical along

Those mountains so clean and pure snow white

That all colors of the rainbow belong

And are reflected there in the great lights.

A circle fills the middle brilliantly

As round waves move afar blissfully!

 Live the Italian tradition of love!

 Copyright 2014 by Pierangelo Tosi

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