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Sensual Julian of Norwich 

First Female English Writer 1300s

Magnificently Crafted by Pierangelo Tosi!

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The Sensual Julian of Norwich Candle represents the love and sensuality of the writings of the saintly writer.  A great English author, Julian shared God's "showings" with readers in the 1300s.  Julian taught that we should love one another, love God, and show the necessary respect for our Creator. Julian lovingly taught readers how to cope with pain and how to learn from "missing the mark".

 These three-dimensional sculptures are based on "The Showings of Julian of Norwich". There are several translations of this book. The most difficult is in old English of the 1300s. We read this book before creating the art that was inspired by the book.

Photos by Pierangelo Tosi 2014. The photo of the book is courtesy of clip art. 



Love, love, love . . . such were the teachings of Julian of Norwich. We should love one another and treat each other with kindness. God is kind as he gives men and women alike every opportunity to be redeemed. Above all, we must learn from our mistakes and show God the respect that He deserves.

Copyright Pierangelo Tosi and Laura Gael Sweeney 2014

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