You are welcome to contact Laura to discussed and order commissioned artworks. Some of the art on these pages is still available, but if you see something that you like, she can create an artwork that pleases you. In addition to paintings, there are also stained glass designs, painted glass, mosaics, digital art, and more.


Julian of Norwich Candle Holder

The Julian of Norwich Candle Holder was based upon a reading of  "The Showings of Julian of Norwich" as translated by Mirabai Starr. Julian of Norwich was a great 14th Century mystic who taught about God's love and how "missing the mark" enabled humans to become better people through the lessons learned from their mistakes. Her main vision received through the showings was that of a benevolent Creator who worked full time to help individuals see the light and receive salvation. Although Julian was Catholic, her visions were relevant to people of all faiths because she taught ways to show love, respect, compassion, and empathy that people need to have for one another.


Our exquisite hand-crafted Tiffany candle holder, by artisan Pirangelo Tosi, projects the image of a glowing cross on the wall. Each piece of Tiffany glass is hand-crafted individually upon demand. No two candle holders are exactly alike. The Italian glass varies in color. Even the individually cut shapes are slightly different so that no two pieces are the same.


Crafted in Italy.

©Pierangelo Tosi 2014 * Basic drawing by Laura Sweeney.