The design above is by Laura Gael Sweeney. It is a ceramic plate with Athena and Aphrodite receiving the golden apple. 

You are welcome to contact Laura to discussed and order commissioned artworks. Some of the art on these pages is still available, but if you see something that you like, she can create an artwork that pleases you. In addition to paintings, there are also stained glass designs, painted glass, mosaics, digital art, and more.


These drawings are some ideas for potential stained glass designs. They are copyrighted by GAEL Glass (2014) so please ask permission if you would like to borrow them. The following sketches have not necessarily been chosen since they are Laura's sketchy ideas as well as brainstorming.

 Sketch by Laura Sweeney * Glass art made upon demand.

April 10, 2015

Piemonte / Svizzera View

by Laura Gael Sweeney (2014) Sketch

Book by Laura Gael Sweeney 


Brighid of Ireland (Version 2)

by Laura Gael Sweeney (2014) Sketch. Version 1 is in the book entitled "Brighid, Keeper of the Celtic Hearth".


Please, note that these sketches might be difficult to reproduce in stained glass. Some would have to be modified significantly before made into stained glass or Tiffany.


Laura Gael Sweeney with painted ceramic platter in 2014.

Crayon and Marker Sketch by Laura Gael Sweeney 


Book by Laura Gael Sweeney 


 Brighid, Keeper of the Celtic Hearth

by Laura Gael Sweeney (2014) Sketch. Version 3 of Irish Brighid.


Phantom of the Opera

by Laura Gael Sweeney (2014) Sketch

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Copyright GAEL Glass (2014) 

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