You are welcome to contact Laura to discussed and order commissioned artworks. Some of the art on these pages is still available, but if you see something that you like, she can create an artwork that pleases you. In addition to paintings, there are also stained glass designs, painted glass, mosaics, digital art, and more.

 The Green Man from Irish Mythology


Brigid, Keeper of the Celtic Hearth

Celtic Romance by Laura Gael Sweeney

Brigid feels an inexplicable urge to return to her roots in Ireland. Her new boyfriend Brent, a professor of ancient literature, has reason to suspect she is a Celtic goddess. This conflicts with her belief that Celtic deities are simply a product of myth and legend. Her son, Ruadin, is also anxious to know the truth. With some help from three graceful faeries secretly inhabiting the woods nearby, Brigid uncovers the truth about the Otherworld of the Green Man. Will Brent be able to save Brigid before the shape-shifting Morigan prevents her from saving the ancient tribe? This paranormal romance appeals to readers interested in mythology and Celtic lore. Take an imaginative ride into the mystical realm of the Celtic hearth. The story unfolds in the US and Ireland. Celtic paranormal romance.



A stupendous piece of art, the Dagda, with light from the front! Note the beauty of the individual pieces of glass with the subtle variations in color!


This is a custom-built 11" x 14" artwork with more than 100 pieces. Allow 4 weeks. Call Laura Sweeney to discuss colors, details, and customization.


Pierangelo Tosi's "Dagda" from the book entitled Brigid, Keeper of the Celtic Hearth. This view shows what the glass looks like when light shines through it from behind. The color changes are exquisite! Congratulations to Mr. Tosi for such an incredible creation made on commission!


The Green Man Glass


To order a custom-made stained glass design with the Dagda, send us an email through this site. Leave a message, if necessary, and I will call you back.

Skype: laura.gael.sweeney


The book with the character, the Dagda, by Laura Gael Sweeney is listed below in a hardcover text and an e-book.


The Steps to Creating the Green Man, Dagda


STEP 1: The Gorgeous Green Man, also known as the Dagda, is in the process of being assembled into a stained glass window by an artisan from Italy's Piedmont, Pierangelo Tosi. In this photo, the glass has been cut and pieced together in a frame. To the right, we see the tools used to achieve this task.  Dagda photos courtesy of Pierangelo Tosi who is also a photographer.


STEP 2: This step is also known as the welding step. Note the tools to the right. Pierangelo Tosi meticulously welds all the pieces with the utmost care and attention to perfection. Such craftsmanship is not easily found as it is in Tosi's art studio!



STEP 3: Here we see the patina along with the paintbrush used to achieve magnificent results. Pierangelo Tosi has also restored antique Italian murals so he pays a lot of attention to detail, even at the patina stage.






Here is the final result by Pierangelo Tosi! This stained glass piece made-in-Italy is copyrighted (2014) by Pierangelo Tosi and Laura Gael Sweeney. If you would like to use these materials and photos, please ask permission from us to do so by sending us an e-mail in the form section of the "contact us" page. This is not a template for other stained glass artists since we have designed this ourselves and we own the copyright. If you would like to order this window, Pierangelo Tosi will create you a custom piece and you may give input regarding the color and design process.